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Kamala Shakya Foundation® is non profit and charitable organization which is committed to prevent cervical cancer through awareness outreach and advocacy in Nepal and USA. The foundation is focused on women’s Gynecologycal Cancer awareness. It also educates the women in Nepal who live in remote areas where they have minimal amount of health knowledge. Currently the foundation is working with Dhulkhel Hospital Gynecology department to reach out for those women who needs a help.  


The foundation is dedicated to the memory of Kamala Shakya, who died cause of cervical cancer in April 18, 2018. Kamala Shakya was a dedicated Nurse and work at local hospitals. She was very active in Nepali community in Dallas, Texas. She volunteered at Nepali Society in Texas, Walk for Nepal Team and many more social events. Dallas based this foundation was founded with the help of Nepali community in DFW

We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission

Our mission is not only support to those women who are already diagnosed with cancer, but also encourage them for regular checkup such as Papsmear test and more.  

Our Mission

We Need Your Support Today!


Our Vision

Will be working together with Nepal’s local hospital and outreach center where we will reach out to desperate patients.

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